Stone detection

Model type


Maximum area / minimum area

Max – 1000
Min – 2500 acres.

Average time of request execution

About 30 minutes – 8 hours


$250 per 1 sq. km.
$1 per 1 acre.
$2.5 per 1 ha

Model description

The model identifies and locates stones within video footage. It assigns precise coordinates to each detected stone, providing detailed information about their position.


This stone detection capability is integrated into the services offered by our Canadian partner, SAIRS. Ordering this model through SAIRS streamlines acquiring the analytics, making it easier and more efficient than ever.


The model is also capable of identifying stones from a specific predefined stone size to choose from: ≈15 cm, ≈20 cm, ≈25 cm, ≈30 cm, ≈35 cm, ≈40 cm.

Selecting the date

Instead of the date, the model needs the path to the Google bucket where the video is uploaded from the tractor’s camera. The tractor camera must contain the coordinates of the shooting. Users also need to select the size of the stone you are interested in detecting.


A file with the extension .gpx with coordinate data for each detected stone, the file can be uploaded to the Garmin system any other system that supports .gpx.

Available geographical region