We see every field

We see every field

Get complete information on land usage from any part of the world using artificial intelligence. You choose the location, frequency, and statistics type, SoilMate delivers it on the fly.

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Crop monitoring tool

Crop monitoring tool

AI monitoring tool:

Plot boundaries

You don't need to manually browse through satellite imagery anymore. SoilMate diverges farmlands, forests, and urban so you will know the number and the area of fields on the selected territory

Vegetation indices

NDVI maps can detect areas of low, medium, and high vegetation index, and with the help of analytics, determine the application rate of fertilizers. Timely monitoring allows you to find a farm that needs extra attention

Crop map

Monitor the type of crops with historical analytics to forecast the seasons' plants that growing on the field and predict the demand for fertilizers and crop protection products

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Hi-Res satellite imagery

Hi-Res satellite imagery

Growth anomalies and plants stresses detection

Get more details on the crops in your area of interest. You will be the first to know if the plants are stressed or the yield is abnormally low.


Soil health value cannot be overappreciated nowadays and in a long term. Both sustainability and profitability of every Agricultural business depend on it.

Plants diseases

Analytical report on plants diseases spreading in your area of interest will help you localize and fight the problem on the early stages.

Your Benefits

Your Benefits


Accuracy guaranteed

SoilMate will deliver you precise data based on artificial intelligence and mathematical approach. You will not buy a pig in a poke. We guarantee the accuracy of the crop type detection up to 98% and plot boundaries detection up to 86%.


Choose what you pay for

SoilMate architecture is designed as a bunch of individual applications. You don't need to buy a full package. We will charge you only for the applications you use.


We are willing to go above and beyond

If you need any custom data that is not listed above - our RnD department is here to help you. We will deliver you a solution that fits your business.


You can choose a data source

SoilMate is prepared to deliver you the data in your schedule, with the desired accuracy and scaled to your budget. To meet all the requirements we work with the European Space Agency, Planet.com, and IcEye imagery.

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Choose your plan

Choose your plan

Features Report Membership API
Plot boundaries detection include include include
Crop map include include include
Result web-browser exclude include exclude
*.xml file for the results include include exclude
Pay per km2 include include include
Areas of interest management include include Areas of interes and dates ranges are added, edited or deletedby request
Integration with the third party apps exclude include include
Hi-Res imagery availability include include include
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